DW Coffee Export PLC. has been registered & established under the Ethiopian law and engaged in the export of the Ethiopian Green Arabica Coffee worldwide. The company has stronger financial resources as well as performances, and has the experience working with different domestic Banks. The company has worked in the domestic coffee trade for the last 20 years that boosted the commitment of the founder to join the international market since 2012. DW has been a member of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA) since 2012. Our company has the potential to supply washed and natural Arabica Specialty coffee all over the world.¬† We have a capable export traders including Licensed Grader to handle the activities in a reliable and honest manner. We have our own coffee farm found in Oromia regional state, Guji Zone, Kercha District. The total size of the coffee plantation is about 117 ha where we produce top quality specialty coffee with special preparation.